Now that neuroscience has developed to the point where technology can show us what is happening inside our brains while we are meditating, we see that different forms of meditation enhance different areas of our brain. For example, people who practice mantra meditations, such as Transcendental Meditation (TM) have more developed language centers in their brains, while mindfulness meditation helps to develop the areas of the brain responsible for focus and attention. Far from “sitting around, doing nothing,” mindfulness meditation can help you counteract the stresses you face in the normal course of your life, lower your blood pressure, control your blood sugar, and help improve your ability to stay focused, thus allowing you to be even more productive in your very busy life. Yes, it even helps those diagnosed with attention deficit disorders. No kidding. I have even more information on meditation in the blog. Be sure to check it out.

Yoga and mindfulness meditation are inextricably linked so you can be sure to learn and practice mindfulness meditation while you are learning yoga. I find that students get more out of their meditation practice if they have worked some of the kinks out of their bodies first by engaging in some physical hatha yoga asanas. That is why the meditation class that I teach immediately follows a yoga class.