Right now I am working full time on the dissertation to complete a doctor of health education degree. I will be offering more events in the future, but for right now, I teach the following classes in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Yoga/Meditation Classes

I teach a gentle style of hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation that is suitable for adults of all ages and abilities. Most of my students have never taken a yoga or meditation class before.

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Members Journal

Researchers have found that people who use journals to change their health-related behaviors improve their self-regulatory skills, which in turn contributes to their lifestyle behavior change. So what does that mean for you? Quite a lot, actually. This journal is private, so only you and your wellness coach can see your personal entries. Your journal is also tailored to your specific needs. The more you use your journal, the more you learn about yourself: what triggers your behaviors and what consequences result from those behaviors.

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Registered members receive full access to the knowledge base, tools, and support of the Jentzer Wellness Institute.

Knowledge It all starts with information: factual, evidence-based information, deciphered and presented in an easy-to-understand blog format that you can access from any internet-connected device. Learn at your own pace.

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Research Participation

This site was conceived as a virtual research platform for my dissertation in support of a doctor of health education degree. I also expect to conduct other research studies in the future, as well. Each study has its own requirements for the number and make-up of participants. Thus, not everyone who wants to participate may be eligible for each study.

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Support Forum

Researchers have found that people who have a social support system are more likely to stick with their new healthy behaviors. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Bandura and Walters began to suspect it, too in 1963, when they were exploring what would later become known as Social Learning Theory. This journal is the motivational support key in the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model of behavior change. And that’s why I am creating a support forum where members can discuss what they’re learning from the blog.

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