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The first thing you will notice that is different about the Jentzer Wellness Institute is that it:

  • Is client-centered, not a one-size-fits-all program. You get what you need to succeed, not what is easiest to produce for mass consumption.
  • Is focused on skill-building, not selling you pre-packaged foods.
  • Is focused on true health, not arbitrary numbers on a weight scale.
  • Incorporates neuroscience-based tools, not dependent on your willpower. You learn to work with your mind and body to succeed. No more feeling like you are locked in a battle of wills with your body.

What sets the Jentzer Wellness Institute apart from other wellness companies is my committment to operationalizing scientific research. Health behavior change is one of the hardest things someone can tackle, and with the right tools and techniques it is possible for anyone to reach their goals. Here, you get more than information. You get personal support as I guide you through the steps to developing the skills you need to make important decisions everyday and stay on track with your personal goals.

My father’s family has long been plagued by obesity and type 2 diabetes. In the mid-2000’s, as I looked around, I realized that a majority of Americans were facing the same chronic health issues as my family. I also noticed an interesting trend in advertising. Pharmaceutical advertising now dominates television airwaves and magazine pages. Our economy, our politics, and our culture are obsessed with healthcare, yet our citizens are unhealthier than ever. Clearly, what we are doing is not working.

Since obesity, diabetes, and other chronic lifestyle-related diseases are very closely linked, this does not bode well for you if you are trying to manage your blood sugar by conventional weight loss methods. However, treating symptoms of disease without undestanding what caused the disease to develop in the first place doesn’t work. The key to success is to figure out how you got to where you are at now, and helping you find a path you can actually use to get to where you want to be. This takes more time and effort than prescribing a few pills and scheduling your next doctor visit. But if you are willing to go through the process, you will be amazed at the results. One of my clients (Dave J., Woodbridge, VA) sent me a text message from his doctor’s office, telling me that his blood pressure was lower than it had ever been, and that his doctor was starting to wean him off his blood pressure medication. This had nothing to do with what his doctor had prescribed, and everything to do with the work he put in with me over the previous two years. Wow. That’s what empowerment looks like.

I mentioned earlier that what sets the Jentzer Wellness Institute apart from other wellness companies is my committment to operationalizing scientific research. What do I mean by that? First of all, I piece together findings from published scientific papers and translate it into plain English so you can make sense of. Second, I give you an opportunity to become part of history as you participate scientific studies. Do you ever wonder, when you hear on the news about the latest scientific studies, who are these people in the studies? And how do I know that these studies really relate to me and my situation? Well, now you can see for yourself. You can help yourself get healthier while you help others learn how to get healthier, too. How cool is that?

Finally, for a program to be effective, it must be based on sound, proven principles. The Jentzer Wellness Institute uses the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model of behavior change in a holistic combination of information (blog), mutual motivational support (through the forum), and skill development (facilitated by journaling). In the process of working on my health education dissertation, I developed a virtual community with world-wide reach and a revolutionary holistic approach to health and wellness. This is empowerment in action.

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