Paula R., October 20, 2014

"Hi Sharon, This is Paula your student from [yoga] class on Saturday. Thank you so much. I feel different. I am glad I met you. Thanks"

Laurie, Gigi, and Wanda, March 2014

"Dear Sharon, We want to thank you for your willingness to be so accommodating with the yoga classes for us. You were always so nice and so patient. You taught us so much about yoga, and were always careful about any injuries or ailments we had. It’s sad to see the classes end with my mom moving. I’m just grateful for the time we had. So, on behalf of all three of us – thank you, Namaste!"

Sharon, 2013

"One of my students texted me from his doctor’s office. He had just found out that his blood pressure was now lower than it had ever been, and his doctor started weaning him off his blood pressure medication. I asked him to what he attributed this major health improvement, and he thought it was a combination of our yoga, meditation, and coaching work. When pressed, he thought his meditation practice had helped him the most. I am so proud of him for taking responsibility for his own health and putting in the effort over several years to make his vitality a priority."

Dave Jennings, February 1, 2011

"I have attended several sessions of a meditation class Sharon is offering, and I have found that my meditative skills are more focused than when I started. I also attended her first wellness seminar of the year concerning keeping New Year Resolutions. I really did not have any concrete New Year’s resolutions this year, but Sharon was able to draw out two long term goals I have and encouraged me to brain storm with her to come up with reasons why I have not overcome procrastination to achieve my goals. This directing the discussion to real life goals we both have stimulated my interest in the discussion. We have agreed to continue formulating strategies to energize our goal setting and achieving skills. I feel energized to continue this discussion, as well as other topics in wellness that Sharon has slated to discuss this year. I am excited to work with her on this journey to enhance the wellness in my life."

WindyJoy Majumdar, April 27, 2008

"Sharon Jentzer was very easy and fun to work with. It is obvious she enjoys her work and that she truly cares about the health and happiness of people. Sharon coached me to identify my goals and what was getting in the way to achieving those goals. Each session was a collaboration that could and did cover any subject matter. She provided flexible times to accommodate my busy life and worked with me at my pace. Sharon assisted me in clarifying what is important to me at work and home and the steps to make progress towards those goals in a balanced way. She uses state-of-the-art tools that are informative and straight forward to use. Each week we reviewed the steps toward changes, reviewed progress and discussed the way forward. I am now successfully on the path to achieving my goals I highly recommend Sharon to those who want to shape their life in new directions. Thank you Sharon!"

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