The Founder

It might seem a stretch to go from sailing half-way around the world on a ship the length of almost two football fields, to helping people make better lifestyle choices, but stick with me while I take you on my journey to being here to help you today.

I was seven years old when I was kicked out of swimming class for being too disruptive. Yes. Seven! You see, my father had decided it was time for me to learn to swim. After three lessons the instructor told my Mom to not bring me back.

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The Institution

What sets the Jentzer Wellness Institute apart from other wellness companies is my committment to operationalizing scientific research. Health behavior change is one of the hardest things someone can tackle, and with the right tools and techniques it is possible for anyone to reach their goals. Here, you get more than information. You get personal support as I guide you through the steps to developing the skills you need to make important decisions everyday and stay on track with your personal goals.

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The Members

My father’s family has long been plagued by obesity and type 2 diabetes. In the mid-2000’s, as I looked around, I realized that a majority of Americans were facing the same chronic health issues as my family. Although I have managed to keep my weight under control, over the years I have had my own list of health setbacks. This is not a picture of empowerment and vibrancy. I founded the Jentzer Wellness Institute to help people just like myself and my family members. We want to live full, vibrant lives, and I think you do, too.

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Paula R., October 20, 2014

"Hi Sharon, This is Paula your student from [yoga] class on Saturday. Thank you so much. I feel different. I am glad I met you. Thanks"

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